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From Artyom Horuzhenko <>
Subject Re: Changing a font style
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2012 18:20:12 GMT
I found a bug when emoticon position is calculated incorrectly. For
example, you can write these messages to the chat:
"a normal :) text" - the emoticon is displayed normal
"<b>a text :) with html tags</b>" - the emoticon is moved to the right

2012/12/7 <>:
> the second option might be more user friendly.
> However you have to be aware that you might need to re-calc the chat icon /
> emoticons in the text.
> Also the question is: Currently there is a gap of 2 spaces (or 4 spaces)
> for each emoticons. You can configure that for each emoticon in the
> emotes.xml file.
> 1 space roughly is 8 pixels. So 2 spaces are 16 pixels. Most of the
> emoticons are 16 pixels in width/height.
> If you change the font now to a way smaller or larger, this calculation
> will no more work. You will either have to insert 3,4,5 spaces if the font
> gets very small or only 1 space if the font gets very big.
> Another possibility (actually the better one) would be if you would scale
> the emoticon according to the font-size. This would  look much better the
> number of spaces would fit. Also this will be much better as with smaller
> and larger font-sizes the space between the lines (the line height) will
> change. If the emoticons do not scale with the fontsize this will look very
> ugly.
> However you will need to build this emoticons scaling mechanism into the
> chat emoticon calculation.
> This is basically the main reason why there is no configurable font size =>
> emoticons need to be re-calculated. And this can a bit time consuming to
> test it out with each and every emoticons and test in different sizes.
> Sebastian
> 2012/12/7 Артём Хоруженко <>
>> Hello everybody!
>> I'm interested with this issue:
>> I see two ways of implementation:
>> 1. The font set in room preferences for all chat messages by the
>> administrator. Users couldn't change the font style (changing font
>> style is already possible by adding html tags to message).
>> 2. Add a panel with the font style near the smile button. Users could
>> change the style of their message parts if the administrator allow to
>> do it in the room preferences.
>> What do you think about it?
> --
> Sebastian Wagner

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