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From "" <>
Subject Re: some issue with the chat panel and the fontsize
Date Wed, 26 Dec 2012 23:13:03 GMT
And there are several runtime errors connected to the new chat font options:

WARNING @modules/conference/tabcontent/chat/chatTabBottom.lzx≈123:
reference to undefined property 'allowFontStyles'
chatTabBottom updatefontbuttonvisible allowFontStyles undefined
WARNING @modules/conference/tabcontent/chat/chatTabBottom.lzx≈124:
reference to undefined property 'allowFontStyles'
WARNING @modules/conference/tabcontent/chat/chatTabBottom.lzx≈125:
reference to undefined property 'allowFontStyles'

WARNING @modules/chat/fontOptions.lzx≈128: reference to undefined property

WARNING @modules/conference/tabcontent/chat/chatOutput.lzx≈110: reference
to undefined property 'length'

Please make sure you fix those. Remember: In the SWF8 app those
NullPointerException seem to have little effect. In the SWF10 app it would
have the consequence that the entire app might freeze. Also it makes the
client almost unmaintainable if you have so many warnings.
A last resort that (at least I think is sometimes acceptable) is a
if-clause like:
if (blabla["myvar"]) {
  blabla.myvar = xyz
  (or blabla.setAttribute("myvar",xyz); //if you want to invoke the onmyvar
listener on that blabla view)

blabla["myvar"] will be true if the variable exists. But at least blabla
must exist of course.

For the method: "updatefontbuttonvisible" I think the issue is that you
call this method when currentRoomObject is not yet initialized.
This happens because the onisopen handler is initialized before the client
actually is really in the room.

For the other warnings you might have to debug the variables that you are
using in detail.


2012/12/27 <>

> Hi Alexei,
> Happy Christmas :) I hope you had some nice holidays!
> I have some questions regarding the code for the font sizes.
> The icon that you are using, we should not include the icons and compile
> it into the application. We have a theme XML file.
> Have a look in chatTabBottom.lzx Line 173:
> <miniIconsImage src="$once{ canvas.getThemeImage('button_cancel_rsc') }"
> button_cancel_rsc is the name of the ressource configured in the
> default-theme.xml file.
> Also we need to make sure that all our icons are compatible with the APL.
> Where did you copy the font.png from, what License is it?
> I see that there are some other icons in the file:
> WebContent/src/modules/conference/tabcontent/chat/library.lzx that have no
> License.
> I guess some of them are not even in use and can be deleted.
> However every icon that we include needs a proper documentation where it
> has been copied from.
> See for example:
> WebContent/src/modules/conference/tabcontent/library.lzx:
>     <!-- FamFam Icon Set -->
>     <resource name="messagebox_info_rsc" src="resources/information.png" />
> The comment tells anybody that we have taken that icon from the FamFam
> Icon set. And in our NOTICE file we have this comment:
> This product includes icons from FamFamFam Icon Set Silk.
> The comment links to the NOTICE, and in that sense we have the correct
> attribution of the Icon done.
> However for those font size icons there is no attribution at all. We can't
> release that.
> Also the icons itself look not sharp, the reason is that you are
> stretching them. Is there a reason for stretching the icons? If there is no
> real need for a stretch then it would look much better if you would use the
> icons in its original size and modify the surrounding box to match the
> icons, instead of stretching every icon to fit into your box (or you look
> for icons that have the needed 24x24 size). The icons you are using are
> 16x16 so you should actually use that for the UI also.
> Sebastian
> --
> Sebastian Wagner

Sebastian Wagner!/dead_lock

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