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From Mahmut TEKER <>
Subject Build OM with custom background and logo
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2012 09:33:06 GMT

    Nowadays we are planning to migrate to OM 2.0 latest trunk but I 
have an issue to resolve before build.

    Now we are using OM 1.9 and I had built it manually and while 
building it I had implemented my own logo image and background image to 
the system. However now when I checked the main.lzx file, I could not 
find necessary lines to change? Can I do the same process to the latest 
trunk or not? I had used a guide which was created by someone before (I 
think he was Greenes -"Alvaro" sorry if he was not) and it was called 
"Openmeetings how to make skin step by step". What I have done before is 
given below:

... and around line 16 add these two lines:
<include href="mediaimg1.lzx" />
<include href="mediaimg2.lzx" />
You must now make two new files just mentioned, with a text editor such 
as "Notepad + +, called respectively: mediaimg1.lzx and mediaimg2.lzx 
... And place them in:
Write in mediaimg1.lzx:
<view resource="cabecera.jpg" />
Write in mediaimg2.lzx:
<view y="110" resource="cuerpo.jpg" />
Both images cuerpo.jpg and cabecera.jpg place them in:

... And in main.lzx around line 99 find:
<view name="_mainbgcontentNavi" x="0" y="0" bgcolor="${ 
canvas.basebgcolorizer }"
... Leave it like this:
<view name="_mainbgcontentNavi" x="0" y="0" clip="true"
Around line 51 find:
height="${ canvas.height-canvas.naviHeightDelta }" bgcolor="0xEEF0EB"
...leave it like this:
height="${ canvas.height-canvas.naviHeightDelta }"  "

and then build it.

Here the place of main.lzx is changed in OM 1.9 so do not mind it. As a 
conclusion how can I implement this process again? I have tried 
something but system gave errors during the build phase.

Thank you very much, have a nice day and work.


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