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From Антон Смирнов <>
Subject Android app for OpenMeetings project - libs and apps overview
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2012 11:46:31 GMT
Hi everybody.

I'd like to take part in OpenMeetings project as android-developer.
Few words about myself: my name is Anton Smirnov and i am professional
j2ee and now Android developer for last 4 years (10+ years overall).

I am going to start my participation from java/android projects overview (both libraries and
that we can use or take part in order to provide android compatibility for OpenMeetings server-side.
Since android platform is based on Java with native code support via JNI i will focus
on pure Java/Android or native code (C, C++) products with Java bindings.

SIP libs/api
1. Sun J2ME (November 2004)

   Since OpenMeetings server side is java-based and probably most of you are familiar with
that, i will leave here just few links:
   A very good article on "Sip for J2ME" can be found on
   You can found brief history of sip in Java (JSP artifacts can be found on
2. jsip - sip implementation (RFC 3261) for java (started Aug 1999)
   project page :
   jcp events :
   A goog article and usage example can be found here (with instant messaging example) :
   Now the lib is build on CI server :
3. Android: (Dec 2010) 
   Since "Gingerbread" (API 10) Android release SIP API is available.
   It provides SIP-related classes which let us opportunity to add basic SIP features in android
   Audio streaming support, no video support in example (but video is said to be supported)
   Dev guide:   
   Demo app is available in android sdk examples

Few SIP android clients can be found on Google Android Market (now Google Play), a brief overview.
Each of them has both good and bad feedbacks and probably a big part of issues are hardware-specific
as most of them have plugins and codecs written in native code with Java-bindings.

Video/audio formats which are supported in Android out-of-box:

1. Sipdroid
   Open-source, GPL3
   High activity on project, 33 commiters
   not based on android api

   500k - 1m downloads, average rating (4.0/5)
   project :   
   google play :

2. 3cxPhone
   Proprietary, free
   100k-500k downloads, high rating (3.9/5)
   google play : ttps://

4. CSipSimple
   Open-source, GPL
   high code rating, 3 commiters + 4 contributors
   based on native(C) SIP implementation + Java bindings
   Good users support and developers documentation (including android build instructions,
both native and android)
   100k-500k downloads, everage rating (4.4/5)
   project :
   goolge play :
5. MobileVoIP
   Proprietary, free
   500k - 1m downloads, below average users rating (3.7/5)  
   google play :
6. HQ Video SIP/IMS client 
   Proprietary, free
   100k-500k downloads, low users rating (2.5/5)
   google play :   
7. Nimbuzz Messenger
   Proprietary, free
   1m - 5m downloads, average users rating (4./5)    
   google play :   
8. Linphone
   Open-source, cross-platform

   100k - 500k downloads, average users rating (3.9/5)   
   project :
   sources :
   google play :
   Most clients have (audio,video) codecs (native code) + Java-bindings
   as android support only few 

RTMP libs

The voice and video stream communications in SIP applications are carried over another application
protocol, the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP), f.e. RTMP.

   small lib with no 3rd party dependencies
   still in development, audio only
   Open-source, Apache 2.0 license

   depends on Red5 sources:
       Open-source, LGPL
	   project :
	   sources :
	usage example : 

3. flazr
   Open-source, GPL3
   Very good user developer feedbacks
   project :,   

4. rtmpdump
   open-source, GPL2
   native code + Android bindings
   project :
5. aftek
   Proprietary, commercial
   evaluation version is available (but 'Service Temporarily Unavailable')
   description :
   slides :
6. juv
   Proprietary, commercial
   evaluation version is available
   description :
I think that we should contribute to one of existing open-source projects (Sipdroid, Linphone,
in order to provide android client for OpenMeetings platform.
For this we should specify required and appreciated client app features taking into account
code quality.

What do you think about it?
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