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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Catch 22 for Users of Remailers who Need to Unsubscribe [was: Re: PLEASE REMOVE ME]
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2012 19:34:36 GMT

That's an interesting theory.  I agree that remailers can present problems.  It doesn't seem
to be a sure thing.

I have always used a remailer.  orcmid@ is one.  dennis.hamilton@ is another.
 (And orcmid@, but I haven't been using that.)  I have never had any problem
subscribing or unsubscribing.  Note that when I subscribe with one of these, all I do is use
an account that uses that e-mail address as the "From:".  

I have had accounts that did not allow me to send as my forwarder account e-mail.  At the
moment, it seems to be working.  It may be that the barrier on your end is, not
the list.

 - Dennis

-----Original Message-----
From: Tom Panfil [] 
Sent: Friday, November 02, 2012 12:09
Subject: Catch 22 for Users of Remailers who Need to Unsubscribe [was: Re: PLEASE REMOVE ME]

Hello Moderators & List Members:

I think that there is a need for some additional way for people to 
unsubscribe from the lists mechanized via instances of the system used 
by this list.

People like me, who are members of professional societies like IEEE and 
ACM which provide e-mail virus scanning and forwarding to the actual ISP 
provided e-mail accounts of their members, tend to use those re-mailer 
accounts for everything to get the two benefits:

  * Protection from viruses (to some degree).
  * Easy redirection of all of their incoming mail to a new ISP provided
    e-mail account if they should need to make a change.

The Catch-22 part of this is that they cannot send from those re-mailer 
addresses, like my Reply-To address on this message.

So, should they need or want to unsubscribe from a list via the 
mechanisms currently offered, they cannot unsubscribe.

I do *not* want to unsubscribe.  I'm learning from both the technical 
questions being answered, and from seeing this terrible problem linger on.

The Open Source Community which uses the mail list exploder that this 
project uses should prioritize enhancement of the mail list exploder SW 
to enable unsubscribing by those who are subscribed via re-mailer 
addresses.  This may help others too.

                Tom Panfil
            eBureaucrat (Ret.)
Congressmen should wear uniforms like NASCAR
drivers to identify their corporate sponsors*



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