Something happened with 3.4.1 in the word processor mode with the spellchecker function when "on automatic."  It underlines everything with little red squiggly lines indicating them as being misspelled. Apparently it is not finding the dictionary.  I even went back and opened former documents  made under earlier versions and it does it to them too. I have tried deleting the pgm., reloading, Adding dictionaries (Maybe I don't know where to put them since there are no instructions as to where they go.) 

Is there a way to correct this bug quickly, or at least a way to revert back to 3.4.0 or any earlier version. I LOVE the Apache OpenOffice product, but as an author who is trying to keep working I absolutely NEED spellchecker. I would hate to have to revert back to my old MS Word or MS Office (yuck!) 
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