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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: crashing
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2012 16:17:02 GMT wrote:
> Hi, I'm having the same problem since updating to v3.4.1.  I read a
> thread on this forum over the weekend suggesting that it could be caused
> by a corrupted user profile.
> I am sure that it is because of the recent update.  I did not upgrade
> until v3.4.1 was available so went from v3.3 straight to v3.4.1 although
> I don't see why this should have corrupted my user profile.
> Regards
> Geoffrey Williams
> -----Original Message----- From: john foley
> Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 3:35 PM
> To:
> Subject: crashing
> I've been using Open Office with no problem for a while but recently I've
> been having a problem.  The document opens and I'm able to scroll down for
> a half-page before the program freezes.  The recovery process seems to work
> but the program freezes again at about the same point in the process.  I've
> tried sending error reports with no results.  Thank you, John Foley


To further explain the issue; Please read the Release Notes:

Apache OpenOffice 3.4.0 and 3.4.1 manage the user profile differently 
than previous versions. The old user profile is automatically converted 
so that users can keep their extensions and settings. In a minority of 
cases, especially with highly customized profiles (many extensions or 
customizations) the conversion doesn't succeed. Common symptoms are: 
frequent application crashes, problems with dictionaries or thesaurus, 
OpenOffice starting and crashing after a few seconds. To solve this, 
just reset/rename your user profile as explained in the official 
OpenOffice forum.

Keith McKenna

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