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From "David H. Lipman" <DLip...@Verizon.Net>
Subject Re: aoo for android
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2012 14:51:25 GMT
From: "James Knott" <>

> Fernando Cassia wrote:
>> So if you edit a PDF file with a nice table and change one value, the 
>> other
>> values are not updated accordingly by the viewer, as the pdf reader has 
>> no
>> idea whatsoever of what a spreadsheet is.
> When you read a book, how often do you change the contents?  If you are 
> publishing something, the content is generally fixed.  PDF is quite useful 
> for that.  There are some situations, where the structure must also be 
> retained, where epub is not suitable.  I have read some technical books in 
> epub that left me wondering where something was.  The same book in PDF is 
> laid out exactly as the paper version would be.

That's why PDF is a "published" format and not an "editable" format.

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