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From Brian Barker <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice being sold on EBay for GBP 3.49
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2012 12:42:30 GMT
At 12:55 15/10/2012 +0100, Michael Murray wrote:
>I have recently seen a posting on the EBay 
>shopping website, which suggested that your free 
>Open Source "OpenOffice" application is being 
>sold on EBay for a charge of £3.49 - which I see 
>as robbery and extortion for something that is 
>available on for free.

If you look carefully, it is clear that the 
supplier is offering to burn a CD with OpenOffice 
and to deliver it for no extra charge.  Someone 
with a slow network connection may well prefer to 
use this offer - and £3.49 does not seem at all excessive for this service.

>Just thought that I should alert you of how a 
>British "top-rated EBay business" is going to 
>great lengths to con people into paying for a 
>free Open Source programme, which has been made by your brand of programmes.

I'm not sure what "great lengths" you have in 
mind.  Are you?  Selling on Ebay is fairly straightforward, isn't it?

I trust people will understand that they are 
paying for the service of creating and delivering 
the CD, not for the free software 
itself.  Indeed, the advertisement even says 
"Please note that this software [...] can be 
downloaded free from the internet".

Brian Barker

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