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From Brian Barker <>
Subject Re: Calc: can the whole row be highlighted automatically when focus on a cell?
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2012 03:20:55 GMT
At 05:06 18/10/2012 +0200, Haim (Howard) Roman wrote:
>On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 5:03 AM, Brian Barker wrote:
>>  At 10:05 18/10/2012 +0800, Lou QingLe wrote:
>>>I am editing a calc file, and have to change data in discontinuous 
>>>cells  row by row.
>>>In order to avoid changing data of another row, I follow the steps for each:
>>>1. edit data in one cell, e.g. C111
>>>2. highlight the whole row manually to help me to locate the next 
>>>cell that need modify, e.g. F111
>>>4. repeat highlight then select till this row finished.
>>>It will be helpful if the row can be highlighted automatically 
>>>when I focus or edit a cell...
>>Here's a workaround: when you have finished editing the first cell 
>>in a row, instead of confirming your edit by pressing Enter, press 
>>right-arrow.  This confirms the editing and moves focus along in 
>>the same row.  Press right-arrow repeatedly until you reach the 
>>next cell to be edited.  Repeat as necessary.
>>If you wish, you can also confirm each edit by pressing the green 
>>Accept tick mark next to the Input Line.  This confirms the edit 
>>without moving focus away from the cell being edited, thus again 
>>keeping focus in the same row.  Then use right-arrow as before.
>Regarding Brian's suggestion: you can configure your document so 
>that ENTER moves the cursor right instead of down.

Indeed you can: go to Tools | Options... | Calc | 
General | Input Settings | Press Enter to move selection: 
Right.  (But that's configuring your installation, in fact, not just 
the current document.)

Brian Barker

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