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From Brian Barker <>
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2012 04:51:12 GMT
At 17:15 01/10/2012 +0000, Christina Wierbicki wrote:
>I have a table in the middle of a document.  The table has a single 
>row containing a paragraph that will be populated by some text.  The 
>row must be a fixed height, but when the text exceeds the height of 
>the row I need the table to split to the next page, print the header 
>and continue with the table and the remaining text.
>Is this possible?   It should not reach the bottom of the page 
>before splitting.  About 15 lines of text can fit into this table/row.

You don't say why you need a table.  The point of a table is that it 
has a multiplicity of rows or columns, of course - but you mention 
only a single table cell (though you may have multiple columns that 
you didn't mention).  So it is not at all clear that you need your 
table at all.  If, as it seems, you just wish to control the page 
space occupied by your text rather than have it flow normally, then a 
frame is probably more suitable - and you can get close to what you 
need using frames.

o Go to Insert | Frame... to create a frame where you text starts.
o Adjust position, size, and anchoring.
o Similarly, create another frame on the next page, where you want 
your continuation text to appear.
o Click the first frame to select it - so that you see the eight green handles.
o In the Frame toolbar, click the Link Frames button (three chain links).
o Click in the second frame: the two frames are now linked.
o When your text now overflows the first frame, it will naturally 
flow into the second frame.

This doesn't deal with your need for a repetition of the heading 
text.  Depending on your exact needs, you may be able to do something 
with conditional text.  Alternatively it may be a simple job to 
insert or delete the heading - possibly outside and before the second 
frame - when the frame text overflows into the second frame.

If you really do need that table, there is no reason why either or 
both frames should not be embedded in table cells.

I trust this helps.

Brian Barker

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