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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Spell check questions
Date Sun, 28 Oct 2012 21:48:56 GMT
On 28/10/2012 Rod Lockwood wrote:
> Is it possible to get spell check to identify a user word as OK to be
> capitalized if the lowercase form is entered? Could a way to identify a
> word as being the same in the user dictionary as in the main
> dictionaries? Also in the regular dictionaries how are possessives
> handled? Is there a way to have spell checker handle the user dictionary
> the same way?

As far as I know, the user dictionary is just a (case-insensitive, or at 
least with capitalization allowed by default) wordlist. If you add a 
word to it you have no way to specify it is a name, verb and so on 
(example: if you add "googled" you won't get the whole conjugation of 
the "verb", so to say, "to google", but just that specific word). The 
normal dictionary, instead, is not a wordlist but a list of base words 
and rules (including, for example, the cases in which in makes sense to 
add 's to a name). So the two dictionaries are fundamentally different.

> The following is more of a bug. I have noticed that right quotes seem to
> confuse the spell check. I will add a possessive of a name to the spell
> check then it flags the name again giving the addition as an option
> (despite them being the same). If I select ‘Change All’ it will be fine,
> but I don’t understand why it sees the right quote as something
> different from the one in the user dictionary in the first place.

Note that there are several types of quotes and autocorrect can get in 
the way. Also, word boundaries (such as quotes and hyphens within words) 
are not 100% supported.


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