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From Dan Lewis <>
Subject Re: Notes
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 14:22:21 GMT
On 10/22/2012 08:44 AM, Willie Pierce wrote:
> I was more thinking I am watching something like an online tutorial.  I
> have it fairly large so that I can see whats going on.  or Im reading
> something and want to take notes.  I don't want to read a little jump to
> the office window (in the process loose view of what I'm trying to take
> notes on) tab back to the document I'm trying to read.
> I was more thinking something like Stickies on the mac or Microsoft
> Onenote.  Where you could tell it to go into note taking mode and the
> office pane would become say a couple inches square and off to a corner.
> Allowing you to save your notes in a formate that is easily readable by
> other programs.  My mac already does this with its built in stickies.  My
> windows PC on the other hand doesn't.  I used to have a copy of Microsoft
> Onenote and if you ever needed to move a file off of it and into word it
> was a hassle.  So I pretty well see no reason to ever buy it again.  It
> would be easier for me to use note pad and shrink down its window and use
> it like that.
> Which is what I typically do.  Sometimes I don't think about going back and
> checking what I'm writing for spelling or content.  Id like to find a
> program that could handle that.
      Have you tried Insert Comment (Control+ALT+C)?


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