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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Apparently unwanted subscriptions
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 21:33:31 GMT
On 18/10/2012 Rob Weir wrote:
> The things we can do include:
> 1) Adding more volunteer list moderators.  List moderators actually
> can unsubscribe users.   But this solution doesn't scale well.

Yes, but I assume that moderators will take initiative whenever someone 
complains that he didn't manage to unsubscribe.

In these cases, the moderators should simply force the unsubscription. 
This is done by e-mailing (from your moderator address)

(where is the address to unsubscribe; yes, you 
replace '@' by '=') and then you, the moderator, receive the 
confirmation request and approve it.

So, when someone complains he cannot unsubscribe:

- The moderators should forcibly unsubscribe him at the earliest 
occasion with the procedure above, and contact him in private if, for 
example, they can't figure out with what address he is subscribed with.

- Other members needn't tell the guy multiple times the way to 
unsubscribe, one time is enough.

- If the guy is still complaining after a reasonable amount of time 
(say, 24 hours) then something is wrong and either he is a troll or this 
must be handled in private between moderators and him.


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