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From TJ Frazier <>
Subject Re: Glitch
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 17:26:14 GMT
On 10/16/2012 11:37, Caesar N wrote:
> This did not work. Nothing touches those ugly black lines on that
> particular file. ALL OTHER files I work on in OO are OK.
> Caesar

You probably already tried this, but nobody mentioned it, so ...
A black line between paragraphs could belong to either the above or 
below paragraph (bottom or top border). You should check both, following 
Dan's directions.

> On 16/10/2012 5:16 AM, Dan Lewis wrote:
>> Try this. Open the document. Click the Non-printing tool. (Control+F10
>> is the shortcut key combination.) The paragraph symbols appear at the
>> end of each paragraph. Click a paragraph that contains the bold line.
>> Open the Styles and Formatting window (use F11 to do this). In the
>> Paragraph styles list, one of them should be highlighted. Right click
>> it, and select Modify from the pop up window. Click the Border tab. In
>> the middle section (Line) change the Style dropdown list to none.
>> Click OK.
>> --Dan
>> On 10/16/2012 12:07 AM, Caesar N wrote:
>>> Nothing works. Cannot delete those mysterious bold lines. All other
>>> work I am doing does not show the lines.
>>> Caesar
>>> On 15/10/2012 10:51 AM, Joost Andrae wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> if the lines disappear if you press "Ctrl+Shift+R" at once then it
>>>> could be a problem with your graphics driver. The key combination of
>>>> Shift key and Control key together with the R key does a screen
>>>> refresh within AOO. Otherwise you may have included a horizontal
>>>> line within a Writer document via menu item /Insert/Horizontal Line/
>>>> or something magical else happens...
>>>> Am 15.10.2012 18:03, schrieb Caesar N:
>>>>> Attached is a copy of what I am experiencing: The black lines have
>>>>> shown
>>>>> up in one of my files, and I cannot delete it. What's the source of
>>>>> those line? How can I delete them? (They have not appeared in other
>>>>> files, before or after.)
>>>> Kind regards, Joost

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