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From Reizinger Zoltán <>
Subject Re: Another Base Form question
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 14:22:16 GMT
Hi Dan,

2012.10.04. 15:52 keltezéssel, Dan Lewis írta:
> When creating a Base form using Design View, I use the Control tool to 
> select the properties I want for a field. Clicking it opens the 
> Properties dialog. In the Data tab, the "Type of list contents" 
> property contains these choices: Value list, Table, Query, SQL, SQL 
> [Native], and Tablefields. I can use these: Value list, SQL, and SQL 
> [Native].
Which control you used in this example, the ListBox or ComboBox? In this 
case the wizards starts, and you can set all properties
You inserted these controls or changed textbox  control in local menu 
with  "Replace with..."? I assume you did this.
Best to remove this and add new controls to the form, than change to 
> Selecting Table lists the available tables in the "List contents" 
> property. But selecting the appropriate table does not give me a 
> dropdown list when I open the form. (I save my changes, close the 
> form, save the database, and open the form.)
You needs to change on the General tab, Dropdown property to yes.
> General question: What purpose does these properties serve? (Table, 
> Query, and Tablefields) Any examples on how these can be used?
You can populate the connected field with data from query, etc.
> --Dan

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