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From "Dean Allen Provins, P. Geoph." <>
Subject 3.4.1 keeps dying
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2012 19:19:50 GMT

I thought I'd try 3.4.1, so obtained the DEB files and ran 
"dpkg -i *.deb" on the extracted files.

When I fire it up, it takes a while, but opens a spreadsheet, but
then chokes, recovers and re-opens the sheet.  The message is 
"javaldx failed. User must select a JRE from options dialog!",
which suggests going to the Tools/Options/Java menu item to set
the JRE.

I've tried to so this (before it chokes) but it doesn't seem to
help.  I've reset "basis-link" to "basis3.3" to get something to
work.  Curiously, when I fire it up, I get 3.4.0 running (I must
have installed it in the past, but didn't use it, as 3.3 seemed
to be the version that would normally come up).

Any suggestions to sort out this curious behaviour?


			   Dean Provins, P. Geoph.
			   public key 0x9643AE65
      	      9B79 75FB 5C2B 22D0 6C8C 5A87 D579 9BE5 9643 AE65

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