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From "M. Fioretti" <>
Subject [ot] about getting rid of PDS, was: aoo for android
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2012 08:25:00 GMT

in the recent "aoo for android" thread I have very briefly mentioned
that there are more and more contexts where the sooner PDF is
abandoned, the better.

Just for general information, here are some very recent news and
general background about one of those context, that is documents from
Public Administrations (and, in perspective, also documents _sent_ to
Public Administrations, or non-spreadsheet documents, as the one in
the article is just the current step of a much wider, general trend):

(my summary)

"Government data PDF enthusiasts in UK will be 'dealt with', says
Cabinet Office minister, because they break their own (=UK government)
open government license"

Full story:


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