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From "M. Fioretti" <>
Subject Re: aoo for android
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 14:44:51 GMT
On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 14:34:05 PM +0000, toki wrote:
> On 10/15/2012 08:47 PM, David H. Lipman wrote:
> >Apache OO is for creating documents which a tablet doesn't serve
> >well for Word Processing, Databasing, Spreadsheets and Presentation
> >creation.

> 携帯小説 conclusively proves your thesis that phones and tablets do
> not serve well for writing literature to be flat out wrong.

may I ask you to provide links or at least an alphabetical version of
those signs (ideograms?), so one can query a search engine to know
more? Otherwise, with all respect to whoever those signs indicate, to
readers who don't understand them the assertion above is as much
authoritative and informative as "the tooth fairy conclusively proved
in a dream to me that..."

Marco F.

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