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From "M. Fioretti" <>
Subject Re: aoo for android
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 03:44:59 GMT
On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 16:47:18 PM -0400, David H. Lipman wrote:
> From: "Gaspar Nez" <>
> > I think that at least a good reader should be available
> Published documents should be in a published format like the
> Portable Document Format (PDF).


If people need to torture themselves by really, routinely _editing_
ODF documents on a tiny screen, without keyboards, that's their
problem, I agree.

But the sooner we get over the PDF cultural stage/limit, the better it
will be for open government/open data (and other things too, but these
are the most important ones). Good ODF readers are necessary to get
rid of PDFs, that is to make official public documents immediately
readable on every platform. In a format that allows users to
immediately check internal structures as formulas in spreadsheets, and
is also better than PDF as it can adapt much better to different
screen sizes.

Yes, ePub would do too, at least for text-only documents. In any case,
PDF as the format for documents to be published should disappear in
many practical cases because of its limits.

Marco F.

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