For some reason I did not receive a digest today. So I just now read all of the responses. I will use cut and paste for some replies.

@ Ariel: Thank you for the work-around, but this is unsatisfactory in the long run. This has happened before with AOO and all other office programs since the original plain backup files was abandoned.

@ Dan: Always create a backup copy on AOO only backs up the file when loaded, which is dumb. In the old days and with Boxer Text Editor, a backup copy is saved at regular intervals and is always a normal document file, not a shadow that needs to be recovered. You just open it. You don’t even need to change the extension.

In any event, the problem seems to be what Ariel suggested and has nothing to do with my settings. However, with the old system, even an installation glitch would not be a problem, since the backup files would not need to be recovered, but simply opened.

>Hi Rod,
>Were the files saved as ODT? If so have you tried unzipping them?

I might try that if Ariel’s suggestion doesn’t work, but it is still more trouble than simply backing up the file as a normal ODT file.

Rod Lockwood