On the subject of "Anchoring" I have been creating a 16 page brochure for my company.   This has involved copying background pictures and text boxes with shaded, partly transparent backgrounds etc.   I often have to move backgrounds from one page to another but each time, the "anchor to" becomes a major problem as it changes and each item has to be manually changed to "page", which is very time consuming.   Is there a way to either set this permanently or deactivate it for the current session?

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On 13/09/2012 04:32, johnny smith wrote:
On Wed, 12 Sep 2012 21:42:27 -0000, bozo clown <bclown1975@gmail.com> wrote:

This is not where I was told to submit this bug report but I will try this
seeing as  https://issues.apache.org/ooo/  (bugzilla) does not seem to be
working correctly. Here is my problem.

Running Windows 7 SP 1 on an HP Pavilion G7 Laptop: Open Office 4.3.1

Previous to Open Office 3.4.1 when I created a chart from my data the first
x-value was always anchored to the y-axis. Since installing Open Office
3.4.1 the x values in my chart float and center themselves on the x-axis.
Also the x-values are dates that I exercise and if I miss a day I do not
put it into the data for the chart but now the chart inserts those missing
days with no data points and it screws up my charts. This has only happened
since I installed Open Office 3.4.1 before that it worked just fine. I have
put this on the help forums under the topic 'anchor first x-value to the
y-axis' and have not gotten a solution to this problem.

I have attached a sample of one of my spread sheets so you can see what I
am talking about.

Thank you in advance.

you should probably choose axis type "text" under "scale" tab of x axis properties.

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