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From "Maurice Howe" <>
Subject RE: openoffice glitch ?
Date Sat, 15 Sep 2012 21:51:04 GMT
I handy tool for allowing remote access to any computer anywhere is  Both parties have to recognize and agree to the risks

Of course it's up to the OOo & AOo leaders to say YAY or NAY to this sort of

Maurice D. Howe
616 Lacey Drive
Endwell, NY 13760

-----Original Message-----
From: Ron & Jen Forhmzway [] 
Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2012 4:58 PM
To: Brian Barker
Subject: Re: openoffice glitch ?

Thanks Brian, for the prompt reply 3 days ago..

I confirm that I did have at least 2 "letters" in different cells, at the
time I tried to get a "print preview", & also, there was no "print area"
designated in any sheet in the workbook.

There is a real problem somewhere, because, about 4 hours ago, I was able to
get into a workbook & make changes & print; but now I am unable to * even
get into * any of my workbooks.
Perhaps it will be OK again if I shutdown & restart; but it is the
recurrence that I am concerned about.

Do you have anybody who can access my computer remotely & see if they can
determine if something has happened to cause this ?
The only recent events I can think of are: loading the upgraded open office
& a Java update & i- tunes update.
Don't notice any issue in using internet browser or games etc.

Thanks,     Regards,     Ron

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 5:10 PM, Brian Barker

> At 14:23 12/09/2012 -0600, Ron Forhmzway wrote:
>> I have been using "openoffice" off & on for several months.  I was 
>> happily working on creating a second "sheet" in one of my existing 
>> "spreadsheet" workbooks.  I decreased all col. widths & row heights, 
>> created a few borders & entered just a couple letters.  I wanted to 
>> see how my page size was fitting -- so tried to get a "print *preview*".
>> The program told me there was  *nothing*  to print.  [...]  I am 
>> wondering if there is any issue such as trying to print a spreadsheet 
>> when all it has is "borders"?
> Yes: (as has already been suggested) the "issue" is that the borders 
> are decoration and will not print unless there is something 
> significant to print - some content in the cells, that is.  But if you 
> really did enter "a couple letters", this should not be your problem.
> Another possibility is that you have a print range defined on your 
> first sheet.  If so, this will prevent the printing of anything from 
> other sheets unless print ranges are defined on those other sheets to 
> include required cells there too.
> I trust this helps.
> Brian Barker

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