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From Ennio Sr <>
Subject Spreadsheet links: 1 out of 7 not working...
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2012 17:33:56 GMT
Hi all!

I need your suggestions to help me possibly detect what may be wrong
in the following situation:
Six different spreadsheet - having the same structure (current account
type) - have a similar 'summary' group of cells where the balances of
all the accounts are shown all together, to have a quick glance of the
whole situation. This is the result of linking each one ss to the
other five (following the instructions given in the OO_3.2 wiki
These work perfectly.
The seventh link (on each ss) refers to cell D1 of my bank account ss
(where cell D1 refers to 'last_bal' in the same ss and has itself been
given a range name, almost useless).

Now, when I open a spreadsheet and choose to  update the links, all
six cc balances appear correctly, whereas the bank balance appears as
'0', although it is not. The formula is the same in all ss, the
Edit/links window shows the same list of connections with the other
files, so I wonder what can cause this strange result.

I have re-established all the links from scratch as the link/window
showed some of them where referring to the original excel files: now
all have extension .ods.

BTW, I have also grouped the seven different ss in a single one,
having seven sheets in it, and it works perfectly with the same
reference to cell D1.

Thanks for your attention.
Regards, Ennio

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