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From Ennio Sr <>
Subject Re: Links to other spreadsheet not always working?
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 23:56:57 GMT
You very very kind indeed to take the trouble to download the three
files and I feel sorry for having misled your attention from the main
problem as a consequence of the (temporary) wrong link. I say '
temporary' because all the links are now established correctly on my
PC, all the files are in the right directory but the problem is still

The structure of the three files is very simple: all of them have a
'named range' ("last_bal") in cell Hn  (Nn for the bank_short.ods) and
a reference to it in cell 'B1' .
In files First.ods and Second.ods there is  a 'Summary of links to other ss' :
The link to bank short.ods gives '0' as a result in both First or
Second, but, if I change this link to cell Nn of bank_short file
(instead of B1 like the other two) the correct result appears.

That's all and these are the facts.
Now, if you think it is worth your time to continue investigating the
case I'll be happy to be noticed about, otherwise I will simply not
use that kind of structure for my real files.

BTW, the phrase:
    "If they work on your PC, ..."
in my last post was just a conditional phrase; I meant to say that in
case you had gone further ahead (correcting the wrong links) and had
verified that they worked on your PC etc. etc. and did not absolutely
imply that you had said they worked on your PC.


On 9/10/12, Brian Barker <> wrote:
> At 18:37 10/09/2012 +0200, Ennio Sr wrote:
>>On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 8:41 AM, Brian Barker wrote:
>>>At 16:26 08/09/2012 +0200, Ennio Sr wrote:
>>>>Sorry to come back to an issue already raised in a post a few days
>>>>ago, but either I'm doing something very stupid or it might be a
>>>>bug.  Working with ooo-build Debian package
>>>>1:3.2-1-11+squeeze7 I found out that a link to another spreadsheet
>>>>might not work when the latter is less than a very simple ss.
>>>>On my PC, crossed links between First.ods and Second.ods work,
>>>>whereas neither of the two would get the link to the bank_short.ods...
>>>Er, that's because the reference in First.ods is to bank.ods,
>>>whereas the file you have supplied is (as you say) actually titled
>>>bank_short.ods.  The reference is also to the containing folder
>>>instead of to the folder of the other files, but it may be that
>>>this is where your file resides.  (You didn't explain that.)
>>Unfortunately, at my end the link is not working: ...
> I know!  And I told you why.
>>I can assure you that all three files are in the same dir ...
> Good-oh!  In that case, the reference in First.ods to bank.ods is doubly
> wrong.
>>If they work on your PC, ...
> What?!  Where did that come from?  I made no suggestion that your
> link worked: on the contrary, I explained why it didn't!
> I say again: in the copy of First.ods you posted, the rogue link was
> to a file called bank.ods in the parent directory.  You provided no
> file called bank.ods; instead you provided a file called
> bank_short.ods which you now confirm is in the same directory.  Your
> link will not work until you correct it to address the actual file.
> Brian Barker
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