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From Hemant Kumar <>
Subject Re: Display text if condition is true
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2012 13:04:14 GMT

On 08-Sep-2012, at 5:10 PM, tj <> wrote:
> This should not be particularly difficult, using the "not-equal" logical operator: if
editor NE "emacs" "Saint Ignatious", etc.
> (Caveat: I haven't used this feature either.) IMHO, the original design decision was,
ah, unfortunate.

mmm, I could be wrong but the only way I can make this work seems like:

# print "Saint Ignatious" if editor is emacs
if editor EQ "vim" or editor EQ "nano" or editor EQ "gedit"
  "Saint Ignatious"

if editor EQ "emacs" or editor EQ "nano" or editor EQ "gedit"
  "Vim Ahoy"


Which seems like a brain twister. :-)

Also, above approach is not scalable to things like GTE and stuff.

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