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From Dan Lewis <>
Subject Re: "Anchor to......" in ooo writer
Date Sat, 29 Sep 2012 14:41:58 GMT
On 09/29/2012 09:35 AM, Patrons wrote:
> Pleasecan anyone help?
> I have sent this message three times over the last 8 weeks to 
> ooo-users@incubator.apache but have not received any response. If I am 
> doing something wrong, please could someone tell me what I am doing 
> wrong and what I should do to get a response???
> I have been creating a 16 page brochure for my company.   This has 
> involved copying background picturesand text boxes with shaded, partly 
> transparent backgrounds etc.   I had to move backgrounds from one page 
> to another but each time, the "anchor to" became a major problem as it 
> changed to paragraph every time it was moved to another file and each 
> item has to be manually changed to "page" in order to enable me to put 
> the item where I wanted it on the page, which was very time consuming.
> Is there a way to either set this permanently "Anchor to Page" or 
> deactivate it for the current session?
> Kind regards
> David
       Could you please be more specific in what this brochures 
contains? Your description of what is contained in these boxes is rather 
general in nature. For example this phrase: "background picture and text 
boxes with shaded, partially transparent backgrounds, etc." Then you 
mention having to move a background. What background do you mean? You 
have already mentioned the term background twice.
      When I anchor things, I use "anchor as character" in an empty 
paragraph. With this, I can keep a given figure next to the text with 
which it is associated. If I need to move it from one page to another, I 
create an empty paragraph where I want to move the figure. Then I the 
cut and paste it. (It pastes anchored as a character.)
      When I anchor a figure, frame, or table, I create a paragraph 
style for the empty paragraph. I define the style so that the object is 
placed horizontally where I want it.


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