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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: [UX][DISCUSS] Default Document Border
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2012 08:05:17 GMT

On 28.09.2012 03:22, Kevin Grignon wrote:
> KG01 - See comments inline.
> On Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 7:54 AM, tj <> wrote:
>> On 9/27/2012 09:45, Kevin Grignon wrote:


>> It's fairly obvious that some users like page framing (I do), and others
>> don't. We could add a checkbox under Tools > Options > Writer >  View, in
>> the "view" column: ☑ Page frame
>> If you want to get elaborate, we could put some radio buttons underneath
>> this option:
>> • Chop marks
>> • Corners
>> • Borders ...
> KG01 - yes, this is what I was thinking. How might we proceed? Sketch up
> the solution? Seek a developer to implement?

I like the gereral idea, but I also agree that the default should be the 
old behaviour. This again means that nearly nobody will use the other 
possibilities (who changes defaults...?).

Seeing that this task looks like a luxury problem to me. Should we 
really spend ressources in implementing four kinds of page document 
border visualisation (one existing, three fancy new ones)?

With the points collected I would suggest just a slight change:

- Use the existing possibility for changing the color of document 
borders to reduce the contrast, choose a lighter gray color for it and 
make it the new default.

That's it. I would not do more currently.

There are more UI tasks where putting ressources will benefit more users 

>> where that last leads to a dialog such as can be found on "Border" tabs in
>> various places, controlling line thickness, color, placement ...
> KG01 -Interesting. I would say this is separate enhancement. My goal is to
> reduce "noise" on the editing page, but be flexible to support contexts of
> use where boarders are helpful guides.
> This is assuming that users who don't want frame marking would almost never
> use it. For users who want quick toggle (if there are any), we could add an
> entry to the "Writer > Formatting aids" list for what is shown when NPC is
> selected.
> KG01 - Makes sense. Great idea.
>> Note the importance of setting the defaults such that the current UI
>> appearance is unchanged. Users who want changes should have to do a little
>> work; those who don't, shouldn't.
> KG01 - This is a difficult call. On one hand, the is significant interest
> in a refreshed UI. One that is lighter, more task focused and appears
> contemporary. On the other hand, change can be difficult. I understand that
> Microsoft Office, which has significant instrumentation, data suggest that
> only 5% of users customize their doc editor workspace. The goal should be
> to provide the right default, a smart default that addresses the user's
> goals and reinforces our design language. We need data to drive this, and
> other similar decisions.
> KG01 - I will update the work item to include elements of this thread.



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