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From Ian Whitfield <>
Subject Re: Connecting to MySQL problem.
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2012 13:06:56 GMT

On 09/26/2012 02:08 PM, Dan Lewis wrote:
> Do you have a MySQL server running on your WebServer, but do you have 
> a MySQL server running on your home computer?
I have MySQL Server, MySQL Client, phpMySQLAdmin all installed and 
'Services' report that MySQL starts at boot.
> 'filename.sql' contains the information about the empty database you 
> created in MySQL, but you can not connect to it using Base. You should 
> install a MySQL server on your home computer and import 'filename.sql' 
> using phpMySQLAdmin. Make sure you create a user name and password for 
> yourself using phpMySQLAdmin. Make sure you also include a server name 
> associated with your name as well. (I use dan%local host.)
Oh - I see!! OK will give this a go. (How do I start MySQLAdmin on my 
local machine??)
> Tool -> Options -> -> JAVA -> Class Path. Click 'Add 
> Archive'. Browse to 
> '/home/ian/Database/mysql-connector-java-5.1.22-bin.jar' and click 
> Open. Close the Class Path and Options windows clicking OK twice.
Did this - that's when I get the error message!!!
> Suggestion on connecting to MySQL: in the Database Wizard, select 
> MySQL in the dropdown list instead of JDBC. Click Next. Select 
> 'Connect using JDBC' and click Next. For the database name use the 
> name you gave the database. For the server, use the one you created 
> with your user name. Click Next. Enter your user name in the box and 
> click the 'Password required' check box. Now if you click the Test 
> Connection button, you should get a connection.
I did all this but still get the 'Could not load JBDC Driver' error!!!
> Personally, I have a MySQL server running on my computer. I have also 
> downloaded the MySQL Connector 1.0.1 extension and installed it. My 
> steps to connect to the MySQL server: I selected MySQL in the bottom 
> dropdown list instead of JDBC. For Step #2, I clicked 'Connect 
> directly'. For Step #3, I entered the name of the database (schema) 
> that I want to access, and 'localhost' as the server. For Step #4: I 
> enter my user name and checked 'Password required'. This works for AOO 
> 3.4.1.
> --Dan

Thanks Dan - I have replied above.

Two points that concern me - How to get past the Driver problem and How 
do I make use of the empty DB I created  (once I get to this point)??

Pretoria SA

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