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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Marathi support (was: Fwd: Delivery Status Notification (Failure))
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2012 21:07:22 GMT
(moving to ooo-l10n and answering below, please reply only to ooo-l10n 
and CC the original poster)

On 20/09/2012 Shreerang Deuskar wrote:
> Subject: Problem with Open Office Localisation
> From: Shreerang Deuskar<>
> To: ""<>
> Dear sir,
> I understand that you are responsible for Localization for Hindi language
> for Apache Open Office. My problem is with Marathi Interface. Since the
> scripts used for both the language are the same and there was no mention of
> responsible person for Marathi , I thought I could write to you about my
> problem.

Dear Shreerang Deuskar, for anything related to translation we have a 
dedicated discussion list. You may consider subscribing to it: see (it's 
enough to send an empty e-mail message to the "subscription address" and 
then follow the instructions you will receive).

> I am using Apache Open Office 3.4.0 . I have downloaded Language Pack for
> Marathi Language (OOo-Dev_3.4beta_20110411_Win_x86_langpack_mr.exe). After
> installing the pack I find my user interface as shown in the attached
> document. As can be seen I am unable to read the interface text correctly.

Discussion lists often strip attachments, so we didn't see your 
attachment. Anyway, there is a problem here: Apache OpenOffice 3.4.0 was 
released in May 2012, while the langpack you installed is very old, from 
April 2011, despite being named "3.4.0-beta". I don't think the two are 
compatible, or at least we never tested it. Why don't we have a langpack 
for version 3.4.0 or 3.4.1? Because we need a native speaker to check 
the translation; if you can help, your help would surely be welcome, and 
in that case we may provide you with an updated Marathi langpack for 
version 3.4.1 (this will require some work and, likely, a couple weeks).

> You are requested to guide me so that I can view the interface easily.
> Thanks and Regards,
> Shreerang Deuskar

Just note that, in order to see a completely translated interface, it 
must be at ~100% in ; there you can see 
that the Marathi translation is only at 16%, so it's normal that you 
don't see a complete translation. Again, we can surely use your (or a 
small team's) help to bring the translation to a more usable state; by 
looking at the breakdown at you can see 
that the situation is much better than it seems (the program is at 95%; 
the help text is completely missing, but this is acceptable), so also 
the effort to complete the translation is not that big, the workload is 
3000-4000 words in total.


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