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From Dan Lewis <>
Subject Re: Spreadsheet links: 1 out of 7 not working...
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2012 18:04:49 GMT
Ennio Sr wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> thanks for your reply: it does not solve the problem I encounter but
> gave me useful suggestions. There are a few points I've doubts about:
> On Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 9:02 PM, Dan Lewis <> wrote:
>> Ennio Sr wrote:
>>> [...]
>>   [...]
>>       However, an even better solution is using a database. Have the raw data
>> in the sheets and use Base to connect to the spreadsheet. Create the queries
>> in the database file instead of using spreadsheet functions.
>>       Very likely all of the sheets could be combined into a single sheet by
>> adding one more column: the name of the bank account to which that row's
>> data belongs.
> Are you still referring to Calc? (If yes, I do have a spreadsheet with
> all 7 sheets)
       Yes, I was referring to Calc, and I understood that you had 
placed the seven spreadsheets into one Calc file.
>>       I had an embedded database
> Maybe I must learn Base to understand what this means?
       That might be a good idea. When Base creates a database file, it 
is a zipped file containing information about the database. If the data 
of the database is contained in the database file, you have an embedded 
database. The other possibility is the database file contains 
information about where the file or files containing the data are 
located and how the data is organized in these files.
>> containing all my financial information for
>> 9 accounts. (Then I learned that I could lose data that way,
> That's awful to ear! Do you mean you could lose some or all of your
> data contained in the different sheets kept in one single spreadsheet?
I was talking about Base rather than Calc here. Base keeps data in 
memory until it closes the database file. If because some problem 
prevents Base from writing this data to the database file, it is lost. 
When the data is located outside of the database file, this does not happen.
>> so I now keep
>> it in a MySQL backend using Base for the frontend.) It did take some
>> planning and designing, but it is well worth the time spent.
> Did you 'physically'  transfer/imported your files so as to create MySQL tables?
> Regards, Ennio

      I can see that you would have much learning to do to first learn 
how first to use Base and secondly another database program as well. 
This seems beyond the scope of email.


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