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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice unable to restore file or open it
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2012 18:50:38 GMT
I doubt there is a link with the profile since the file strucutre seems to be wrecked.
Rod is not alone, we have several topics about similar cases. Especially the one with the
hashes (but slightly different, this last one dealing with power shortage in most cases):

I honestly think that the save process in AOO is not robust enough for an application that
important for users (risk of data loss). I agree that there is no application that don't have
bugs but the process of saving a file safely is not that complicated and it had never be a
problem with older 2.x versions.
I've never faced myself such bug (on Ubuntu, XP, W2k and Vista with relative intensive use)
but of course the backup copy option is activated and I make backups. It may be linked to
some corner cases...


Le 04/09/2012 03:00, Ariel Constenla-Haile a écrit :

> Hi Rod,
> On Mon, Sep 03, 2012 at 06:22:08PM -0400, Rod Lockwood wrote:
>> I have a text document that apparently did not close properly when
>> closing OpenOffice. Starting OpenOffice 3.41 does not trigger the
>> file restoration process. When I click on the file to open it,
>> OpenOffice crashes because there is already a shadow file in
>> existance. It begins the file restoration, but does not recover the
>> shadow file. So I wind up not being able to do anything. Deleting
>> the shadow file does not work. OpenOffice cannot open the document,
>> even though it creates a new shadow document.
>> This is why I never liked this system. I much prefer the system used
>> by my text editor and the way it was done in the old days. Simply
>> save the file to disc as a normal file with a .BAK extension every
>> 15 minutes (or whatever your preference is). That way if the
>> original file is corrupt, you simply delete the corrupt file, rename
>> the backed up file and you are good to go. At the most you lose your
>> allotted time of work. And saving the file manually obviously didn’t
>> make a difference. So forget about any lectures on how I should
>> manually save my work periodically.
>> It does not interfere with the undo process. It does not create
>> multiple files, just the one back up file. A simple text editor is
>> able to do this. I have never lost a file using this old-fashioned
>> system of automatically backing up the file. Now I will have to
>> recreate this file from scratch and from memory.
> This might be a known issue:
> Apache OpenOffice 3.4.0 and 3.4.1 manage the user profile differently
> than previous versions. The old user profile is automatically converted
> so that users can keep their extensions and settings. In a minority of
> cases, especially with highly customized profiles (many extensions or
> customizations) the conversion doesn't succeed, Common symptoms are.
> frequent application crashes, problems with dictionaries or thesaurus,
> OpenOffice starting and crashing after a few seconds. To solve this,
> just reset/rename your user profile as explained in the official
> OpenOffice forum.
> Regards

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