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From Brian Barker <>
Subject Re: openoffice glitch ?
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2012 23:10:45 GMT
At 14:23 12/09/2012 -0600, Ron Forhmzway wrote:
>I have been using "openoffice" off & on for several months.  I was 
>happily working on creating a second "sheet" in one of my existing 
>"spreadsheet" workbooks.  I decreased all col. widths & row heights, 
>created a few borders & entered just a couple letters.  I wanted to 
>see how my page size was fitting -- so tried to get a "print *preview*".
>The program told me there was  *nothing*  to print.  [...]  I am 
>wondering if there is any issue such as trying to print a 
>spreadsheet when all it has is "borders"?

Yes: (as has already been suggested) the "issue" is that the borders 
are decoration and will not print unless there is something 
significant to print - some content in the cells, that is.  But if 
you really did enter "a couple letters", this should not be your problem.

Another possibility is that you have a print range defined on your 
first sheet.  If so, this will prevent the printing of anything from 
other sheets unless print ranges are defined on those other sheets to 
include required cells there too.

I trust this helps.

Brian Barker

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