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From Brian Barker <>
Subject Re: openoffice glitch ?
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2012 23:01:12 GMT
At 14:57 15/09/2012 -0600, Ron Forhmzway wrote:
>There is a real problem somewhere, because, about 4 hours ago, I was 
>able to get into a workbook & make changes & print; but now I am 
>unable to * even get into * any of my workbooks.

Anyone trying to help you would have to know exactly how you are 
trying to open your documents (there's more than one way) and exactly 
what happens when you do.  This is certainly going to be related to 
your operating system as well as the application itself.

>Perhaps it will be OK again if I shutdown & restart; ...

That's the first thing you would want to do to diagnose the 
problem.  As someone has said, one obvious possibility is that 
OpenOffice has crashed (or you have closed it abnormally) but part of 
it has remained in memory.  In that case, your operating system tries 
to open your document in the existing, failed instance of the 
program.  Logging out and in again or restarting will clear this.

>Do you have anybody who can access my computer remotely & see if 
>they can determine if something has happened to cause this ?

I hope not!

Brian Barker

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