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From Brian Barker <>
Subject Re: Links to other spreadsheet not always working?
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2012 22:57:13 GMT
At 01:56 12/09/2012 +0200, Ennio Sr wrote:
>The structure of the three files is very simple: all of them have a 
>'named range' ("last_bal") in cell Hn (Nn for the bank_short.ods) 
>and a reference to it in cell 'B1' .
>In files First.ods and Second.ods there is a 'Summary of links to 
>other ss': ='file:///home/ennio/prove/filename.ods'#$Sheet1.B1
>The link to bank short.ods gives '0' as a result in both First or 
>Second, but, if I change this link to cell Nn of bank_short file 
>(instead of B1 like the other two) the correct result appears.

There may still, of course, be an odd error you have made somewhere 
in what you have constructed or a misunderstanding you have which is 
causing the problem you are seeing.

>That's all and these are the facts.

You know that, but no-one else does, of course!  You'll have to 
provide someone with copies of files which actually show the problem 
if someone is to be able to confirm that what you are seeing is a bug.

Brian Barker

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