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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Can Calc read/import data from Google Docs?
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:23:17 GMT
It might be good to stick to very specific, simple use cases.

If Google Docs will export a spreadsheet to the desktop in ODF, clearly that can be used as
a source of data for incorporation in another ODF spreadsheet using AOO Calc.

I think that may be good enough to satisfy the case raised by the OP, assuming there are sufficient
Google Docs privileges to download the document [;<).

If the OP wants to open the document within Google Drive (that is, in the browser only) and
move data to a spreadsheet in AOO Calc on the desktop, that is a scraping/clip-board format
issue and it might not work for anyone:  The browser presentation may simply not have the
structure needed for pasting into a desktop spreadsheet.  That case could be experimented
with, but it is a very different matter than getting ODF out of Google Docs.  It is also not-so-much
a "round-tripping" case.

 - Dennis

PS: Now that Microsoft SkyDrive supports import/export and in-browser editing of ODF 1.2 documents
as well as OOXML documents (as do Office 365/2013 on the desktop and on the Web), there are
other interchange cases to explore beyond the Google Docs case.  I speculate that there will
be extensive document-interchange by SkyDrive real-soon-now. 
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From: Joost Andrae [] 
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2012 00:08
Subject: Re: Can Calc read/import data from Google Docs?


It's not the key point if _we_ support a roundtrip but if the other 
application supports the feature set of AOO in case someone depends on a 
roundtrip and if an extension supports both APIs. In case of MS Office 
365 does an API exist that can be used by opensource applications like AOO?

Am 28.09.2012 03:28, schrieb Kevin Grignon:
> Joost,
> Interesting. How might we support round trip? Could we pull and push
> content (selected data, work sheet, document) to Google Docs or MS Office
> 365?

Kind regards, Joost

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