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From Andreas Säger <>
Subject Re: Stop-Motion Calc
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2012 09:41:05 GMT
Am 25.08.2012 05:50, imacat wrote:
>      Waoh...  That looks so cool!  It is another approach, and it is
> faster when populating the cells.  But where do you paste those color
> data in the cells from?
>      Yes.  Calc is "passive" when I populate the colors to the cells.
> But when playing it is "active" (the playing script resides in the
> spreadsheet document).  I think Basic IDE/scripts is an independent
> component from Calc from a scripting point of view, so I suppose Calc is
> always passive in any case (not only still-motion).
>      Anyway, your work looks so cool! ^_*'

Thank you.

To be continued on the user forum where I explain how it actually works 
and where I replaced my very first draft with a slightly enhanced 
version which works with LibreOffice as well (just in case anybody cares).
Your Java program could be very useful in combination with my 
spreadsheet if it would dump the pixel values of a given picture file 
into my "Data" sheet. This can be done in one API call to 

See you,
Andreas Säger (aka Villeroy)

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