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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Yes. You can do this with OpenOffice. (MysteryGuitarMan video with OpenOffice Mac)
Date Sat, 11 Aug 2012 16:47:42 GMT
On Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 6:39 PM, Rob Weir <> wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 6:06 PM, Andreas S├Ąger <> wrote:
>> Am 10.08.2012 02:24, Rob Weir wrote:
>>> And here is the "behind the scenes" video that explains how he did it:
>> Having a video converter which creates the coarse pixel frames, all you need
>> is one matrix of color values per frame and script to dump them into the
>> Calc document.
>> Matrix of 16 colors calculated from 32x32 random values:
> Cool.  How would we get the pixel level numeric data into the
> spreadsheet initially?  I assume there is nothing in the macro
> language that can parse image data at that level. So we'd need to call
> out to a helper library?
> Also, one other nice time to have -- not strictly necessary, but would
> improve the results -- picking an optimal color palette that best
> matches the colors in the original image.  There are some standard
> algorithms for this:

Is there any interest in making a more formal contest out of this?

I don't know what we can offer the winner other then eternal fame and
glory, but a contest could look like this:

1) Goal is to using OpenOffice Calc to automate conversion of a given
image into cell-based artwork, using background colors.  Variable
character data in cells may also be used (optional) as an
anti-aliasing technique.

2) Code would need to be based on AOO Calc 3.4.0, using
macros/scripts.  Calls to external non script code would be permitted
only for the initial extraction of pixel data from the image.  All
code would need to be made available for the judges to review.

3) Some images would be provided in advance.  Others images would be
unknown to the contestants and would be run only after the code was

4) Judges would score all submissions based on rendering quality,
speed and technical elegance.

If there is interest, I can work with a subset of interested parties
to define this further.  We'd do that in private, and of course those
who define the contest or judge it would be ineligible for
participating int he contest.

If something like this could be done, do we think there would be any interest?


> -Rob

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