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From Ennio Sr <>
Subject #VALUE! warning in spreadsheet
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2012 11:46:10 GMT
Hi all,

On August 22 I sent this message to the old ''
which might have gone astray somewhere on the web (*):
When I opened one of my spreadsheets I found many  cells were filled
with the '#VALUE!' warning.
They are very old indeed (year 2008) but  they used to work fine with
earlier OO versions (1.1 ?).
As there are many trasnsactions involving subtraction between dates, I
suspect that missing
value dates may be responsible for the error: i.e. if the formula says
'= (dateA - dateB)*n' and DateB is null, then the formula does not work.
On the other hand, if a date is null that means that there was no
transaction, so   I   cannot fill all void dates with a foo-value...

Can you help me?
Thanks for your attention,

Well, in the meantime I've found something very strange happens with
Create a simple ss like this:

        A           B            C           D            E
F             G
                 (date)     (date)  (=c1-b1)  (number)  (number) (=e1+f1)

1  item 1      void        void         0             1           1
2  item 2      void        void         0             2      'space'     #VALUE!

That is how the ss will appear when cells of col B and C are void and
cell F2 has got a space in it instead of a number. The same occurs
with col D if by chance you type a space in one of the cells of cols B
and C.
Re-formatting the columns  does not help at all: the situation can
only be 'cured' copying a true void cell (formatted as date or number,
as the case may require) onto the corrupted one.
The weird thing is that the 'space' corrupting the cell is not
visible, so I have no idea on how to overcome this situation on my
spreadsheet, as it has about 12000 cells and any of them may have been
inadvertently corrupted!
Any idea, please?

(*) I have just realized something has changed and that list does not
seem to exist anylonger. Can sombody tell me when this happened?

[Perche' usare Win$ozz (dico io) se ..."anche uno sciocco sa farlo.   \\?//
 Fa' qualche cosa di cui non sei capace!"  (diceva Henry Miller) ]        (°|°)
[Why use Win$ozz (I say) if ... "even a fool can do that.
 Do something you aren't good at!" (as Henry Miller used to say) ]

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