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From imacat <>
Subject Re: Stop-Motion Calc
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2012 08:10:40 GMT
On 2012/08/22 07:28, Dan saID:
> Guenter Marxen wrote:
>> Hello imacat,
>> Am 21.08.2012 22:11, schrieb imacat:
>>> On 2012/08/22 03:39, Dan said:
>>>> ...
>>>>>       Thank you~ ^_*'  Trying to create cool things to promote
>>>>> OpenOffice
>>>>> and getting such feedback is really frustrating. ^^;
>>>>         Things like this can be frustrating. Perhaps your first email
>>>> should have contained much more information. Your introduction is very
>>>> close to what too often appears in spam emails that many of us have
>>>> seen. I don't know, but I doubt that very many of the people of this
>>>> list knows what COSCUP 2012 is or what it does. (Some of us may be too
>>>> lazy to look it up.) This means that most would not know what this has
>>>> to do with Calc which is a spreadsheet application.
>>>>       Spam has taught people to be suspicious when they see something
>>>> new. So they reacted negative to your emails.
>>>      Could you please stop this, will you?  I'm only asking for kindness
>>> on this list.  This very same mail got positive responses on ooo-dev and
>>> our local lists.  Your opinion is proven incorrect and does not help.
>> please don't be too angry with elder people like Dan Lewis
>> (
>> Not having this name but beeing elder, I like your video and think, that
>> younger people will be more attracted by your video than by most of
>> serious "advertising" mails. And this is good for AOO!
>      But I'm not angry, and please don't see it as such. Mine were just
> comments of why he may have gotten the reception he did. And older
> people have gotten angry based upon what they see. I suppose younger
> people have also misinterpreted what an older person has said. I was
> asking him to consider how others might interpret what he had done. What
> he intended was not how others seem to have seen it.

    Thank you, Guenter and Dan.  And I do not think Dan was angry, too.
 I'm just tired to be patiently explaining trivial things, like the
rules of YouTube, if that blocks communication.

    And it's "she", not "he".

    Also I may not be as young as you might think, although I guess Dan
is a little elder than me.

    To the point of communication:  Actually, its my experience all
these years to be short and terse.  From my past experience short and
terse mails get read more effectively.  But this is not a standard in
nature.  Human communication is complicated.  Everyone has her/his own
mind, and I sometimes still get into trouble.

    So, what I asked is a little kindness and patience, but not focusing
on what I had done wrong.  I'm not expecting everyone to like my work.
It's fine if you do not like it.  But I was not expecting to be treated
as a scam twice by a same single person, and then another is analyzing
my mistake as if it looks like a scam by nature, but not by a same
single person.

    I cannot control what a single person may think, though.  It's just
a single person who started this, and this still frustrated me.

>      Here are a couple of questions: Does people of OOo-DEV know what
> COSCUP 2012 is all about? Do the people on the local list know him and
> about this conference?
>      There is a lesson to be learned here. He has gotten his feelings
> hurt. He seems to have made some assumptions when sending his email, and
> some of use made some assumptions when reading it. They just were not
> the same assumptions. It might be wise to consider how for both side to
> figure out how to bring those assumptions closer together. After all,
> the purpose of communications is take the ideas of one person and give
> those ideas to others.
>      A person could read all that I have written and with certain
> assumptions, consider that I wrote everything in a great deal of anger.
> It would just be the wrong assumption. Or, I may be an older person, so
> my ranting should be over looked. I don't know how much of that is the
> correct assumption either.
>      Here is an example of what may be an assumption that is not what is
> meant. "Elder" is a title that I have because I am an ordained minister
> of a small denomination in the United States. It has nothing to do with
> being an older person. And this leads to another assumption: they refer
> to me as a "Rev." which is not the right one either.
>      There are lessons to be learned by all sides. Someone getting upset
> because of what happened does not solve anything. We can all learn from
> each other.
> --Dan
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Best regards,
imacat ^_*' <>

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