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From Dan <>
Subject Re: Stop-Motion Calc
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2012 23:28:16 GMT
Guenter Marxen wrote:
> Hello imacat,
> Am 21.08.2012 22:11, schrieb imacat:
>> On 2012/08/22 03:39, Dan said:
>>> ...
>>>>       Thank you~ ^_*'  Trying to create cool things to promote
>>>> OpenOffice
>>>> and getting such feedback is really frustrating. ^^;
>>>         Things like this can be frustrating. Perhaps your first email
>>> should have contained much more information. Your introduction is very
>>> close to what too often appears in spam emails that many of us have
>>> seen. I don't know, but I doubt that very many of the people of this
>>> list knows what COSCUP 2012 is or what it does. (Some of us may be too
>>> lazy to look it up.) This means that most would not know what this has
>>> to do with Calc which is a spreadsheet application.
>>>       Spam has taught people to be suspicious when they see something
>>> new. So they reacted negative to your emails.
>>      Could you please stop this, will you?  I'm only asking for kindness
>> on this list.  This very same mail got positive responses on ooo-dev and
>> our local lists.  Your opinion is proven incorrect and does not help.
> please don't be too angry with elder people like Dan Lewis
> (
> Not having this name but beeing elder, I like your video and think, that
> younger people will be more attracted by your video than by most of
> serious "advertising" mails. And this is good for AOO!
      But I'm not angry, and please don't see it as such. Mine were just 
comments of why he may have gotten the reception he did. And older 
people have gotten angry based upon what they see. I suppose younger 
people have also misinterpreted what an older person has said. I was 
asking him to consider how others might interpret what he had done. What 
he intended was not how others seem to have seen it.
      Here are a couple of questions: Does people of OOo-DEV know what 
COSCUP 2012 is all about? Do the people on the local list know him and 
about this conference?
      There is a lesson to be learned here. He has gotten his feelings 
hurt. He seems to have made some assumptions when sending his email, and 
some of use made some assumptions when reading it. They just were not 
the same assumptions. It might be wise to consider how for both side to 
figure out how to bring those assumptions closer together. After all, 
the purpose of communications is take the ideas of one person and give 
those ideas to others.
      A person could read all that I have written and with certain 
assumptions, consider that I wrote everything in a great deal of anger. 
It would just be the wrong assumption. Or, I may be an older person, so 
my ranting should be over looked. I don't know how much of that is the 
correct assumption either.
      Here is an example of what may be an assumption that is not what 
is meant. "Elder" is a title that I have because I am an ordained 
minister of a small denomination in the United States. It has nothing to 
do with being an older person. And this leads to another assumption: 
they refer to me as a "Rev." which is not the right one either.
      There are lessons to be learned by all sides. Someone getting 
upset because of what happened does not solve anything. We can all learn 
from each other.


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