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From Carolyn Stoffel <>
Subject Scam issues.
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2012 06:47:05 GMT
Tamblyne -

> I belong to dozens of mailing lists and scammers/spammers post nasty
> links to those daily.  You'd think pretty much everyone knows not to
> click on them -- they're pretty obvious and no effort is made to mask
> them at all.  The list Gurus post regularly about the hazards.  And yet,
> weekly, someone posts complaining that the list admins should do
> something about those Bad Guys, because they clicked on the link and
> their computer was infected as a result.


I, too, belong to a lot of lists, some of which aren't very active and 
some (like this one) that I can't possibly keep up with.

I just happened to read this message.

I've seen spammers (I'm thinking of some "individuals" who managed to be 
approved for one particular list who regularly posted "come up and see 
me sometime" kinds of messages. I finally contacted the listowner and he 
dumped them.

What I and others on a different list have objected to are genuine 
members who post website addresses with NO summary, nothing except a 
subject like "Interesting article" or "You've got to see this!" How 
informative! Several of us have said, in various ways, that we'd like to 
know more, to see if it's something we even want to take the time to 
look at. (I do mail off-line, so I have to save the message until the 
next time I'm on-line to go look for it. IF I remember. Lots of sites 
are slow to come up; I'm on dial-up) I believe this person's referrals 
are legitimate, but what if his address is hacked and malware sites 
sent? Without a summary, we won't have a clue.

The various useless subject headings present another problem. I remember 
saving something about _____. How am I going to find it when the subject 
is non-descriptive?

Oh, and the people who ask if this is spam or scam, then repeat the 
entire website address.

Carolyn Stoffel

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