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From "JSz." <>
Subject Re: BASE error: example Fuel Economy
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2012 06:12:45 GMT
> "EndReading"."Odometer" - "Fuel"."Odometer". In the Criterion row, "=>0"
> (without the quotes) was used. The order should have been reversed.
> Change this to >= 0 instead.

Thank You for Your quick response.

In the column "EndReading"."Odometer" - "Fuel"."Odometer" the criterion
is "='>0'" (without the double quotes). After changing it into >=0 it
shows as "'>=0'" (without the double quotes), which seems strange as one
should expect an expression without the single quotes.

When I run the query an error message is displayed, as shown in the
attached picture.

First, it says: "Wrong data type: java.lang.NumberFormatException...",
which suggests that perhaps a data type is wrongly defined. Which one?
Where should I correct it?

Second, it shows arithmetic formulae with single quotes:
   "EndReading"."Odometer" - "Fuel"."Odometer" = '>=0'
while it should be:
   "EndReading"."Odometer" - "Fuel"."Odometer" >=0
and the other one is:
   "EndReading"."FuelID" - "Fuel"."FuelID" = '1'
while it should be:
   "EndReading"."FuelID" - "Fuel"."FuelID" = 1

Jacek Szymona

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