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From Dan <>
Subject Re: BASE error: example Fuel Economy
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 18:33:22 GMT
JSz. wrote:
> I was reading "Getting Started with Base" manual:
>   -- which I found
> very good -- as well as making examples, but I met a problem.
> After having built the "Fuel Economy" query I run it and an error
> occured, as in the attached picture.
> I use Windows 7 with:
> OpeOffice 3.3.0 or LibreOffice
> java Sun Microsystems 1.6.0_25
> I also attach the base.
> Please help.
> Jacek Szymona

      OK, I see the problem: the column
"EndReading"."Odometer" - "Fuel"."Odometer". In the Criterion row, "=>0" 
(without the quotes) was used. The order should have been reversed. 
Change this to >= 0 instead.
      In working with this a little, I noticed another "error". To 
correct it, make another change:
The cells of the first Odometer column should have Odometer, Begin, 
Fuel, (Blank), and a checked box in this order from top to bottom. The 
cells of the second Odometer column should have Odometer, End, 
EndingReading, (Blank), and a checked box. These two Odometer fields had 
been assigned to the wrong thing in the Table row.
      Thanks for helping me catch my errors.


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