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From Dan <>
Subject Re: Scooter's Rant of the month
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2012 18:03:39 GMT
Some questions:
      Which dictionary does not work? What language and country? AOO has several dictionaries.
      When you open writer, is the icon containing an ABC with a wavy line below the letters
      If you have some misspelled words in a document, what happens if you click this icon?
      What happens if you click it again?
      Tools > Options > Language Settings > Writing Aids. What is listed as the language
      What is listed in the user-defined dictionaries?
      What is checked in the Options list?
      Right click a work in an open document. Select Character from the context menu. What
do you see in the 
box under Language? Does it have an ABC and check?


> Good Morning  Group,
> Dan: My OS is WIN7x64 on a 64 bit computer. I have only one dictionary and I also took
the list's advice
> then and now.
> Rob: Thank You. I have reinstalled version 3.4.0 and wait for the "real" upgrade. By
the way, Pre-Release
> 3.4.1 did fix the oddball Quicksart loading of AOO's main screen. The dictionary still
not working even in
> 3.4.0. But it had been, before I erroneously installed 3.4.1.
> My rant is still valid.
> Take Care. Scooter College Park, MD USA
> Dan wrote on 8/12/2012 9:35 PM:
>> Rob Weir wrote:
>>> On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 5:19 PM, Scooter C <> wrote:
>>> <snip>
>>>> I upgraded to AOO 3.4.1 today and the dictionary is no longer working.
>>> We have not release AOO 3.4.1 yet.  Are you sure you don't have 3.4.0 installed?
 If you installed the
>>> pre-release, test version of AOO 3.4.1, then some bugs are expected.  The purpose
of the test release
>>> is to find these bugs.
>>> -Rob
>> Sorry, I seem to have missed this point. I'm not sure about Scooter's OS. I also
have AOO 3.4.1 on my
>> computer (Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit). My dictionary works. I think I may know why. When
using AOO 3.4.0, there
>> was a problem with some of the English dictionary extensions conflicting with each
other. On the advice
>> of this list, I disabled all English dictionary extensions except for the American
English which I use. I
>> think that problem was a failure of the thesaurus working. I installed 3.4.1 over
3.4.0. Checking just
>> now, I noticed that the same extensions were disabled as were when I had 3.4.0 installed.
I don't know if
>> the earlier problem has been fixed or not, but it may be Scooter's problem.
>> --Dan

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