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From Dan <>
Subject Re: Scooter's Rant of the month
Date Sun, 12 Aug 2012 21:42:44 GMT
Scooter C wrote:
> Good Evening Group,
> My rant of the month:
> I have been a exclusive user of Open Office for the past 11 years. I USED to use Microsoft's
Office Suit, but
> my home business couldn't afford the expense. My last usage was 2005. when OOo developed
the database I had no
> reason to stay with Microsoft. It wasn't because of poor operation, it was due to Costs.
> My comfort zone was shattered in 2010. Everything about Open Office was in perceived
danger of collapsing. [I
> know it didn't, but it seemed that all that was familiar was about to disappear.] I'm
a user of software, I
> don't program.
> I was worried that I'd loose an excellent word processor and spreadsheet editor.
> I have a perfect (paid for) PIM program that I am more then happy with so the database
part of OOo was no
> longer a big deal.
> I'm not impressed with Apache Foundation. OOo just worked. AOO doesn't most of the time.
> I upgraded to AOO 3.4.1 today and the dictionary is no longer working.
> This group is doing a wonderful job of helping us through these teeth-grinding episodes
of not quite together
> software; but it was never this worrisome bad during the previous 5-10 years!
> “If it ain't broke, don't fix it” seems to have escaped Apache Foundation. And yes,
I am complaining, I've had
> quite a few years of a trusted GREAT program suit with nary a complaint, but I've lost
my trust. I assume
> Apache Foundation will get it back up and running smoothly again, but gee-whiz how long
is it going to take?
> Newcomers to Open Office may start to wonder what's so great after trying to deal with
all these mishaps. I
> can no longer brag about Open Office, at least not the Apache version. Maybe I should
switch back to
> LibreOffice, I didn't give it much of a trial. Not knowing where the “real” OO went
> I'm better educated on Open Office's history.
> This is a great explanation of its History:
> The inner circle turmoil must have been awful.
> I'll wait it out a few more months. If REAL improvement starts to show, I'll reassess.
> Take Care.
> Scooter
> College Park, MD USA

      And your problem with AOO is ?????? I don't have problems with either AOO nor LO. Of
course, I only go 
back to OOo 1.03. I also go father back to Star Office 5.2.
      All I can say is, enjoy your rant because you have accomplished nothing. Well you can
rant more, but how 
does that improve AOO or LO?


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