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From Dan <>
Subject Re: Connecting to a database
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2012 15:03:09 GMT
Reizinger Zoltán wrote:
> 2012.08.03. 15:46 keltezéssel, Dan írta:
>>      I have a database located at ~/
>> that extracted from an embedded Base database. I want to use Base to connect to this
>> database. I know that the Datasource URL is hsqldb:file:/home/<user
>> name>/ But what do I enter as
the JDBC
>> Class? Should there be something entered in Tools > > Java >
Class Path?
>> Is so what?
>>      I want to be able to connect to the database files using hsqldb 1.8. I can do
>> if I use hsqldb 2.2.8. How do I do this using Base?

>> The Datasource URL:
>>         hsqldb:file:/home/<user name>/
>> The JDBC driver class:     org.hsqldb.jdbc.JDBCDriver
>> Class Path: /usr/local/hsqldb-2.2.8/hsqldb/lib/hsqldb.jar
>> --Dan

 > Hi Dan,
 > You can not use simultaneously hsqldb 1.8 and 2.2.x version.
 > You can add only one hsqldb.jar to the class path, first remove 2.2.8 version, restart

 > add 1.8.
 >  From AOO add built in hsqldb 1.8 to classes under win7: from c:\Program
 > Files\ 3\Basis\program\classes\
 > or under Linux from
 > The driver class is same for the both hsqldb version.
 > If you connected to this file with 2.2.8 version, you can get error message, it created
 > newer version.
 > Zoltan

      I removed 2.2.8 version of hsqldb from the Class Path.
Closed AOO.
Opened AOO.
Tools > Options > Java > Class Path.
There are not class paths listed.
Add Archive
Browsed to  /opt/
Click OK twice.
Closed AOO
Opened AOO
Open the Base Wizard selecting "Connect to an existing database": JDBC.
Click Next.
Entered the Datasource URL as above.
Entered the JDBC driver class: org.hsqldb.jdbc.JDBCDriver
Clicked "Test class".
Error message appears: The JDBC driver could not be loaded.

What is wrong with these steps? I can follow the very same steps, this time using the 
latest version of hsqldb (/usr/local/hsqldb-2.2.8/lib/hsqldb.jar entered in the Class 
Path). Then instead of an error message, the message tells me that the JDBC driver was 
successfully loaded.


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