On 6/30/2012 05:41 PM, DeWayne McCarty wrote:

Using oo Ver.3
I am creating a chart using the Auto layout feature in a spread sheet.
The "X" axis represents days of the months.
The auto function displays sequential numbers, instead of the formatted dates (i.e.; 6/28/2012) in the source column.
Can anyone tell me how to change these number format to date format?
thank you


DeWayne McCarty


Probably an X-Y graph would work best for you.

1.  Select the x-axis BY clicking on the axis as many times as is required.  Uncheck SOURCE FORMAT if it is checked.
3.  Choose DATE
4.  Select the preferred date FORMAT

I am sending Mr. McCarty an .ods illustrating this off-line.

Joe Conner, Poulsbo, WA USA