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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: How to restore MS Wod 2003 after uninstalling?
Date Sat, 28 Jul 2012 11:45:31 GMT
Hi Kevin,

Kevin schrieb:
> Hi,
> I don't like your latest version 3.4 at: .

That is sad. Perhaps you tell us, what has disappointed you?

> First, it overrides all defaults of my MS word files!

That is not done by default. The install wizard has a page which has 
check boxes where you can decide whether you want to open your MS Word 
files by AOO. Are you sure they are unchecked?

> Then, it changes my Word 2003 into weird orange buttons of word 2010

It surely doesn't use Word 2010 icons. Neither Word 2010 nor AOO use 
orange icons for text documents, but both use blue icons. But they are 
different. Word has an icon with a W inside.

> files that cannot be opened when I don't even have 2010 version to begin with!

Please don't mix things up. One thing is the ability of an application 
to open a file. And the other thing is the registration of an 
application as default to open a file in Window.

To see, whether an application is able to open a file, you have to start 
the application and then use File > Open from the running application.

> It remains in this position even after uninstalling your open office 3.4!

Uninstalling an application cannot set back file extension association, 
because the Windows registry has no history of its association.

There are several ways to assign a file extension to a default 
application for opening.
(1) Reinstall (or repair or modify) the application, which you want to 
use to open that kind of files. Often the installation wizard offers an 
option to assign file extensions.
(2) Right click the file. Use the option "Open with" and select the 
desired application. This dialog has a check box for to _always_ open 
such files with this application.
(3) Use the menu item "Folder Options" in the Windows explorer. There is 
a tab "File Types", where you can set the default application to open a 
kind of file.

Connecting a file type to an application is a feature of Windows. If you 
need help doing that, you should ask a forum, which has a topic for 
handling of Windows.

Kind regards

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