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From Dan <>
Subject Re: Copy/Pasting dates from HTML table to Calc formats wrong
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2012 14:50:56 GMT
Comments inline:

Art Scheel wrote:
> I am attempting to copy table data where 2 adjacent columns are dates.
> MM/DD in one, YYYY in the next.  Obviously these are 2 separate fields.

      If I read this correctly, the cell containing MM/DD and YYYY are 
not formatted as dates in the table. Both of these are formatted as 
text. In your mind these adjacent cells represents a given date, and you 
need both cells to to determine exactly what date. In a spreadsheet, 
each cell having a date format contains all the information needed to 
specify a date. So, you would need to combine these two cells (MM/DD, 
YYYY) into one cell (MM/DD/YYYY) before copying it to Calc.

> When pasting into OOo Calc 2.4.0, it formats the date in the first date
> column by assuming the year is 2012.  Some of those date fields indicate a
> date range such as 03/17-18 (March 17 through 18).  These get interpreted
> as 03/17/2018 by OOo.

      Again, 03/17-18 has a range of dates. But a cell of a spreadsheet 
must contain only one date per cell. When you have a range of cells 
mentioned, you have to enter these dates in a range of cells in the 
spreadsheet. So first you ought to add rows (or columns) to the table so 
that there are enough cells to enter the individual dates. Then combine 
the MM/DD with the YYYY. Then copy to Calc.

> I've tried pasting unformatted, but almost all browsers seem to add in
> random CRLF in fields so when they get pasted, the row/column format is
> lost.

      In other words, modify the HTML table until it matches what Calc 
will accept. Then copy that data.

> I've tried setting all fields to be Text, but when I paste the data, it's
> either ignored or overwritten.
> There appears to be no way to paste HTML data from a table into OOo Calc as
> pure text so there are no auto formatting attempts made.  If this is the
> case, I would like to know how to submit a change/addition request.  If I'm
> just missing how to do it, I'll gladly thank whoever knows what I'm doing
> wrong.
> I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to ask a question like
> this, but I did not see it being against any of the list rules.

      No apology necessary. This is the exact place to ask questions 
like this. If you have more questions or replies, send them to this 
list. (Just don't sent them to anyone who answers your question.)


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